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About Me

I am a Fashion Designer/Merchandizer by profession and an artist by heart. I graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology, NY as a class Valedictorian. Colors have always fascinated me and have been my strength- Be it in clothes, makeup, decorating the home or in paintings. A balance of neutrals and hues to bring about an aesthetic equilibrium is my style.


My art is an amalgamation of colors, forms and textures. I don't hesitate to experiment with a lot of mediums. I thrive to learn new techniques and am a student of life. Spirituality and being soulful is what keeps me grounded and close to nature and creativity. Positivity runs in my veins.


I work with my clients and interior designers to customize artwok for a particular space. One gets an orginal, creative and personalized piece of art-work. I can make- on-order tanjore paintings with any specifications. I also teach this age old art here in the US.


I aim to be recognized as an artist who has a free spirit that shows in her work. A work that brings a smile and happiness to an onlooker.


I am also a Radio Jockey and many times music is depicted in my art.

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